Web based solutions

Vartag ERP

Vartag ERP carries all business processes implemented in an enterprise to computers and smart phones. It has Accounting, HR, Warehouse, CRM and production planning modules.

Law Office Management

Our software that holds all the jobs in your law firm together, you can easily follow the case and enforcement proceedings with access information specific to each customer.

Real Estate Office System

Our Real Estate Office Management system, can carry out all necessary operations in the management of real estate offices, it can easily manage portfolio, archiving operations and the accounting.

Restaurant Tracking Software

Retaurant management software covers current, stock, invoice, safe, bank, personnel, premium and reporting system with all the details required for your business.

Vartag CRM

With CRM, you will personalize your customer relationship experiences and turn market dynamics into opportunities with a strong management.

HIYP Management System

Vartag HIYP is a system designed for High Income Investment program managers. Investors can easily manage rates, investment plans and revenues with their own rules.

Accounting Software

You can easily manage all your accounting proccesses with Vartag's practical interface, which you can access from anywhere on the internet, and speed up your collections with automatic reminders.

Dentist Software

This software is designed for dentist clinics where they can easily manage patient information, appointment system, bulk SMS, patient caries, reports and clinical accounting.

Warehouse Stock Software

You can perform your inventory management by using Warehouse and Stock software. You can access your information wherever there is internet, regardless of location.

Antrepo Software

This software is designed o manage, location and exit movements of the bonded or unbounded goods arriving at your warehouse and to make the necessary legal arrangements.

Vartag CMS

You can use Vartag Content Management System on all your websites, so you can easily manage your website design and content without any code knowledge with your username and password.

School Management System

The School Management System specially designed for schools and colleges, you can perform student information, material sharing, lecture notes and online exams.

Policy Tracking System

This is made specially for insurance companies, you can follow your policies in a very easy and practical way, you can increase customer loyalty by making regular reminders.

Customer Loyalty System

CLS is the systems that measure customer loyalty and continuity, provide new customers and make customers feel advantageous and special.

Production Planning System

Vartag PPS lets you monitor and manage the production processes of your factory, this includes warehouse, raw materials stock, production lines capacity and production lines performance.

Human Resources System

With Vartag HR, you can manage your staff, permits, advances, payrolls, salary, spending time and performance evaluations easily from smart phones and internet.

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